Buy or Rent

Rent or Buy? The answer to this age old question is - Depends.

Depends on your financial situation, your future plans and the lifestyle you wish to live.

However, if homeownership is something you do desire, there are significant financial benefits to buying a home.

  • Buying is an average of 38% cheaper than renting across ALL of the 100 largest metro areas, according to real estate online giant Trulia, which regularly posts a Rent VS Buy report.
  • Real Estate is also an incredible investment opportunity. MSN Money figures that a four-year return on buying a home would be greater than any major indexes.

With rates moving nowhere but up in the near future, now is a great time to buy a home in 85302. Call Brandon Hendrick at 623-979-5523 to help you determine if you are able to buy.

Stephen Gomez

85302 REALTOR®

Stephen Gomez

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